What kills bed bugs?

If you have ever had bed bugs problem, than you probably know just how nasty that little things can be and just how stressful and uncomfortable it is to actually find yourself it this situation. The ultimate question is what kills bed bugs efficiently?
Bed bugs are not just a discomfort, but a serious health hazard as well. They live in your home and feed on human blood so they are not to be taken lightly. These little buggers can bring all sorts of diseases, skin rashes and allergic reactions so if you have any reason to suspect that they could be living in your home or if you notice any symptoms of bed bugs you should act immediately to get them terminated as quickly and efficiently as possible.
First, you need to do a thorough inspection of all parts of your home to detect the source and to see how spread they are and how serious the condition is. If your home has clutter and messy corners witch you do not clean on a regular basis, now is the time to pay attention to that. It will be a lot easier to detect infested items.
Usual places where bed bugs lay their eggs are furniture (especially under the matrasses or couches because it is near the food supply – meaning you), clothing and even pets and pet supplies.
They can also be brought to your home by other people and their pets so you need to be careful about that to.
After you have detected the places of infestation you need to choose how to get rid of bed bugs yourself. Professional help could be rather expensive, not to mention that you would probably like to solve this problem under the privacy of your own home rather than let the whole neighborhood know what is going on when a pest control company truck arrives.
Today the market offers a variety of „do it yourself“  bed bugs solutions but you need to be careful because not all pesticides are proven to be safe for indoor usage especially for homes with small children.
Here are some products that we can recommend as safe, effective and very easy to purchase (just follow the link). You can choose from different types of products such as sprays, powders and other.



PREVENT BED BUGS PRODUCTS (for later ussage as prevention)

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