Bed bug bite pictures

Bed bugs bites can be very uncomfortable and not to pleasant to see, but under normal circumstances they are not seriously dangerous. The problem is that if you have bed bugs in your bed, every night you will get new bites as a result to their feast in your blood.
Not all people are the same, so we do not react the same to bed bug bites as well. Some people are very allergic to a chemical that bed bug leaves on your skin when it bites so they can experience itch, rash and red bumps on the place of the bite. You can contact your doctor if you develop an infection or other complications, but in the meantime a good home treatment for bed bugs bites is Kleen Free Naturally with Proteque Intensive Therapeutic Skin Lotion, and you can ease your itch with Corticool 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Gel 1.5 oz (42.53 g).

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