What causes bed bugs?

Although people usually assume that having bed bugs problem necessarily mean that you are an untidy or messy person, it is not a general rule. So, what causes bed bugs to find their way into our homes and our beds?
It is known that bed bugs are insects that feed out of human blood, so as far as they have a food supply they have every chances to choose exactly your bed as their habitat. So, if you do have that infortune to find symptoms of bed bugs at your home, it is most certainly uncomfortable, as well as a health hazard, but is not necessarily your fault.
Bed bugs usually come in a new environment on people, animals and things. For example, if somebody visited an infected place, such as hotel rooms or any public places such as public transportation, Movie Theater etc… that person could bring this insects on cloths, leave them in your car or even on your dog. They spread quickly and easy witch is one of the reasons of their grown population after 1995.
As much as it is not a reason for their existence in the first place, messy and cluttered corners of your home can be a great habitat for bed bugs. It is enough that only one female bed bug enters your home and you have a great chance (if she was carrying eggs) for them to multiple in a matter of days and your clutter will give them a great resting place.
If you do notice symptoms of bed bugs you should do a detail check of your mattresses, couches, clothes, carpets, even wallpapers as soon as possible. Every tiny whole that provides a safe and dark environment can be their nest. If it is the case, you need to get them terminated as soon as possible and you can start by looking at our What kills bed bugs page. 

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